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Bahria Town

Bahria Town

Bahria Town is one of the leading and most popular housing schemes in Pakistan. Due to the world class standard of development work in the sectors Bahria Town has established a strong foothold in the real estate market. Not only Pakistani investors but foreign investors also take keen interest in investing in Bahria Town.

The reasons for the popularity of Bahria Town are many but the main are:

  1. Timely handing over the plots to the allottees’.
  2. Excellent standard of development work.
  3. Professional and cordial services and client dealing.

Due to these three factors Bahria Town has built their solid reputation that is hard to break. There are several other housing schemes in all the major cities of Pakistan but they couldn’t compete with the unmatched progress of Bahria Town. There only close competitors are DHA (Defense Housing Authorities) and all other private housing schemes are only restricted to small pieces of land.

Bahria town starting its operation from one sector in Rawalpindi has grown to several phases and sectors covering many miles of area in the suburbs of city. After successful launch and completion of Bahria Town extended its legs and started developing housing schemes in other major cities of the country like Lahore, Karachi etc. They are welcomed by investors and general public everywhere they went.

According to the administration Bahria Town owner contracted a deal with Pakistan Navy to use the word Bahria on certain terms and conditions.

After few years Pakistan Navy filed the case against Bahria Town administration on using their name but according to the recent court’s decision Bahria Town housing scheme was allowed to use the word Bahria. People say that the owner should consider changing the name and avoid getting in to un necessary litigations. But the problem is that Bahria Town has made several local and international contracts with this name so it will cause lot of trouble and hassles if the name is changed at this stage.

Bahria Town has started its housing scheme in Rawalpindi by purchasing large chunk of land around Rawalpindi along the GT road. Initially it was surrounded by some old and established housing colonies like Gulrez, Chaklala Scheme 3 and DHA etc. However as soon it started development work many other also popped up around Bahria Town. This has made the said housing scheme more attractive as the area around it got developed very quickly.

The land purchased by Bahria Town for developing plots was once said to be totally useless. This was because the area was semi mountainous lying around river soan. At that time the rates of the land were very low and nobody was interested in buying and selling such barren land. But the lucky man Malik Riaz the owner of Bahria Town had an idea and a will to make it successful. So he used all his resources to develop such a housing scheme that was well accepted by the real estate investors’ worldwide. You can say that it was an idea that was put in to practice and lot of luck was also involved in it.

Bahria Town from Investment Point of View

It is obvious that land or real estate is bought for mainly two purposes; one is to build house or shops and second is for investment purpose. Real estate investment is made with the aim and hope to earn profits in the future.

For investment Bahria Town housing scheme is considered as one of the most profitable investment. There are many reasons for it and some of them are listed below:

  1. Great number of investors so there will be no problem in buying and selling of plots.
  2. Quality of development work is superb so people are attracted towards Bahria Town more than any other housing scheme.
  3. Transfer process is made very easy and all the record is computerized thus reducing the chances of fraud and illegal dealings of real estate.
  4. Investment is considered as safe due to ever increasing population and demand of new housing schemes.
  5. High ROI is expected in future due to hype in real estate market.

There are number of other reasons which make Bahria Town investment as one of the most profitable. However the above enumerated 5 points can be termed as main reasons to invest in Bahria Town.

Bahria Town as Living Place

If you intend to construct a house in Bahria Town for your own living then again it will be an honor to put up in such a fine housing scheme. It is getting popular day by day and people from the twin cities are selling their properties located there and shifting their residences to Bahria Town. There are number of reasons for this and we will talk about a few here:

  1. Security of the housing scheme is excellent that is attracting people.
  2. Quality of civic facilities is much better than other places that are managed and operated by government department.
  3. Environment is very clean and there is very less population and congestion.
  4. Roads, streets and other infrastructure is of international standard.
  5. Due to high prices only rich people can afford to live there so the living standard and class of neighborhood is excellent.
  6. There are lots of entertainment facilities that are commonly required.

These are some of the points out of several others that make living in Bahria Town desirable and wanted by everyone. It is becoming a symbol of prestige and honor to live in Bahria Town and anybody owning a house there is envied by people. So if you have some capital then there will be no good place than Bahria Town and you must give a thought about it.

Development of Bahria Town

Bahria Town is planned and developed by highly skilled professionals who are not only experts in their field but are also very dedicated and hard workers. Bahria Town administration has employed the best planners and even hired foreign consultants having international fame. This had added to the quality of the planning process.

For carrying out the development work on land Bahria Town possess its own modern machinery and a complete development department looking after the work. Since it is a huge project so they have employed some good local development companies. Habib Rafiq is one of the reputable names in the construction and development field which is providing most of the services to Bahria Town.

All the roads, streets and other infrastructure constructed there is of high quality and is thoroughly checked by engineers, architects and other professionals before it is given okay signal. If some fault or flaw is found in the development work it is at once reported to the Bahria Town administration who looks in to the matter and ensures that the work is carried out according to the specifications and the required standards.

This process of check and balance had made Bahria Town development work as an example for other housing schemes who want to attain the same standards as Bahria Town.

Bahria Town Security

Since rich and upper class are living in Bahria Town so need of security is the first most demand of such class. Due to poor law and order situation in the country people mostly remain worried about safety and security of their lives and property. Bahria Town administration has ensured the provision of best security system of the country to the people living in their housing schemes.

For this Bahria Town has established its own security company that is managed and administered by retired army personnel and highly qualified security staff. They own latest security equipment and vehicles. All the phases and sectors of Bahria Town are patrolled around the clock without any breaks. If you enter in to the scheme you will see security persons everywhere who keep an eye on unwanted persons and intruders.

All the phases are properly walled and special entry and exit points are created that are manned by Bahria Town security persons. They check every vehicle coming in and going out of the sectors. There are several security cameras on number of points to keep an eye on the area. All the security actions are fully monitored by the Bahria Town security headquarters. To cut short we can say that people living inside lead a peaceful and secure life due to high standards of security provided by Bahria Town administration.

Recreational Facilities in Bahria Town

Entertainment and recreation is required by every human being to lead a happy life and is considered as one of the basic necessity of life. Bahria Town has ensured to provide the residents of their housing scheme with best recreation and entertainment. You will find many parks, play grounds, cinemas and clubs in Bahria Town sectors where children and adults enjoy equally. In the morning you can see several people on the jogging tracks and parks to enjoy the fresh air and natural environment.

In addition to this several gyms, swimming pools and golf clubs are established where people living in Bahria Town are seen improving their health and fitness. Golf clubs were only found in Cantonment areas and their administration is in the hands of military persons.  This made entrance of civilians if not possible but extremely difficult indeed. Bahria Town administration has provided this facility to their residents at affordable rates and golf lovers can enjoy the game in international standard golf clubs established by Bahria Town.

You will also find safari parks where different and queer birds and animals are kept for the entertainment of the people. You can find these animals in special cages along the roads that make your drive enjoyable.

Bahria Town For Oversees Pakistanis

There are millions of Pakistanis who are working abroad and they desire to own good property in Pakistan. Catering for their needs and requirements Bahria Town developed separate sectors for them as overseas enclave where Pakistanis living abroad can buy real estate.  Though they are not barred from buying/selling Bahria property in all other phases and sectors but most of them prefer oversees enclave.

It will not be wrong to say that whenever it comes to real estate investment people living abroad like Bahria Town investment more than anywhere else. This is because they are sure of safety of their investment and a true hope of earning huge profit in the future.

Buying/Selling Plots in Bahria Town

When it comes to buying/selling of plots in Bahria Town then you need to be very wise in carrying out property deals. You will see several ads about plots for sale in Bahria Town in newspapers and even online ads website. You have to use your due diligence before deciding about buying a plot in Bahria Town. This is because there are so great numbers of property dealers who deal in Bahria property that it may confuse you even about some real good deals.

If you intend buying real estate in Bahria Town for investment purpose then price should be your main consideration because lower your purchase price will be more the profit you can expect from your deal. Conversely if you want to buy a plot for building a house then location will be of utmost importance as you may be wishing to find a peaceful and prime location where you and your family can lead a happy life.

You can search for some good Bahria Town property dealers who can guide you correctly about the current real estate market. If you have some friend or relative working as a real estate agent then do use his services and advice. But be careful not to depend totally on their advice but use your own mind and intelligence to decide because after all its your money and you should take care about it. However if you are wise enough and can analyze the things yourself then carryout the research of Bahria Town real estate market and then decide about it basing on your knowledge and experience.

In all cases do remember that real estate investment is an excellent instrument if done wisely and at the right time. Bahria Town housing scheme offer number of benefits to their investors and residents so you can reap the benefits of all the facilities offered by them.

Final Word

Bahria Town housing scheme is no doubt a heaven on earth and you will be lucky if you can afford to live there. Bahria Town has also established its housing schemes in Lahore and Karachi where style of investors and real estate market is different that Bahria Town Rawalpindi etc.  It is a reputed real estate development firm who offer excellent services to the people and their staff in highly professional and cordial.

You can expect high standard of living in Bahria Town sectors and your family can really enjoy their stay in Bahria Town housing scheme. Real estate market in Pakistan is thriving and is progressing at a rapid pace and after a few more years you will find massive development and the real estate sector. So if you have some money then without any hesitation do invest it in Bahria Town.