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DHA Property

DHA property is very popular among the investors because it is the one of the most prestigious and safe housing scheme in the country. It started its operation long time ago to develop real estate and provide residential and commercial plots to army officers on installments.

If you want a safe and profitable real estate deal then DHA property is the perfect choice for you. DHA stands for Defense Housing Authority and as the name implies it is managed and administered by military persons who belong to Pakistan Army. DHA administration employed highly professional companies to develop DHA property and is well planned housing scheme where you will find natural environment in abundance.

It will not be wrong to say that the DHA housing scheme was neglected at the start and the prices of the plots were very low but when real estate boom came in Musharaf’s era the value of DHA property raised and went very high. All the Army officers who maintained the ownership of their DHA property in shape of plots or houses then sold them at very high prices. DHA housing schemes are considered as very reputable living places because 90% of the plots are allotted to the Army officers and as their living standard and style is different from civilians so common people prefer to live with them.

This factor has increased the price of DHA property and a great number of civilians made houses there for their living. However things have changed a lot and there are streets where you will find mostly the civilians and one odd Army officer. So you get same touch of other places of the city. So if you want to live in the good company of military officers then do carry out thorough research of the area before buying DHA property. Be sure to confirm about your neighborhood so you don’t get disappointed after making huge investment in DHA property.

It is a military rule that all Army officers will be allotted a plot in DHA housing schemes for which they opt in and deposit the monthly installments for it. On their retirement they are given the ownership of the plot after paying the remaining amount of the plot price.  So their investment in DHA property is very less whereas the return is very high.  Similarly another good option is of Bahria Town housing scheme where the standard of real estate development is equal to plus better than DHA and you can opt for Bahria property if you can’t get a good real estate deal in DHA property.

Security in DHA is much better than other similar type of housing schemes. This is because the complete security matters are in the hands of retired army officers who are well trained professionals of security duties.  This makes DHA property a good choice for rich people who remain worried about law and order situation of the country.

In addition to this there are other perks and benefits of having a property in DHA that is incomparable with other private housing schemes. When a new sector is announced a small quota is reserved for civilians also to provide them  a chance to own DHA property. However the quota is very low and only a handful of civilians are able to get it, so the only way is to buy a profitable DHA property.

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